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He looked gorgous...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And he seemed flattered but pretended to be coy, when I told him he reminded me of someone back in the 1970's. A guy who told us funny stories of his hustler lifestyle, which involved making the acquaintance of rich old queens who liked glamorous Malaysian/Asian Boys boy(s) at Napoleon's just off Bond St. The club throw-back to the days of Chipps Channon and James Lees-Milne.. The cool people who were into music went to Monkberry’s on Jermyn Street and The Great American Disaster for a burger after club. Both I think may have been owned by Peter Morton... In the days before the Blitz and Zanzibar opened on Gt. Queen St. But then some fashion/arts queens slummed it while looking for rough trade at Shaggeramers…. Anyone out there know Kim Hunt, Francesco Oddie of Islington or Tony Meed of a village called Flitewick? (it was the name on the train station sign at the Blitz owned by Mike Brown)
His clutch: LV
Bag: Miu Miu

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