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Planning a Fashion-Safari of Scandinavia...

Friday, March 18, 2011

I liked this Italian student's black and white look... He was from the Venice area if I remember correctly. Visiting London with a group and they were all having fun despite the weather... (It was Feb.)

Meanwhile, I'm planning a Fashion-Safari of Scandinavia with the Tuc's… I expect it to take a summer or two to finish...

Tyler Brule who, at age 27, founded Wallpaper http://bit.ly/hJILbW seems to love it while Cath Kidston’s comment that after returning from a design references driving trip back in 2009, that she had been  a bit disappointed, seeing what she was a lot more Americano, instead of what she imagined Scandinavia was like  >>> 

I want to  drive and camp take photos and catch up on all our AudioBooks expect June and experience the long summer evenings and the midnight sun... I've experienced a little of that one summer in Inverness which was wonderful...

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